Is Your Salon or Spa ‘Beloved’ in Your Community?

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This post inspired by a recent discussion with 27 year salon industry veteran Robin Gribbin and charter beautyprpro subscriber prize winner Meghanne Gibbon Haran of You Salon in Maryland. Also, it was a recent question by a new salon owner in the Salon and Spa Business Forum on Facebook who asked, “How can I become […]

Keep Local Press Focus On You – 10 ‘To Do’s & ‘To Don’ts’

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No Matter How Busy You Get With Other Things, Keep Your Sights on the Local Press – And They’ll Keep Their Sights On You! It doesn’t matter how many salons or spas are in your town – you need to stay creative in keeping in touch with your local newspapers, magazines, anchors, and TV segment […]

Publicity is to Public Relations as Public Relations is to Marketing – True or False?

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Remember those kinds of relational questions in school?  They forced you to think about how things really related to each other.  That what this post is about because if you are clear on the relationship between PR and publicity you will be much more successful at the latter and you will have a ‘foundation’ for […]

‘Real’ Networking: Your New BFF in a Bad Economy

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As a salon owner or independent contractor you grow your salon or spa business by bringing new clients into your fold.  Local personal networking is a powerful tool to do that … if you do it right! Networking Has To Be ‘Real’ To Be Right! OK, I admit it.  Even though I’m a publicist, I’ve […]

Trends – Launching Platform for Both PR and Salon/Spa Growth

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Are You a Catalyst for Change? Back a while we posted Good PR in a Bad Economy. We looked at ‘catching the wave’ specifically relevant to consumers looking for ‘value-added. But, there are trends galore for you to capitalize on. You simply have to recognize them early on. If you’re seriously interested in gleaning more […]

The PR Power of Blogging for Salons

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I Never Really Understood Blogging Our industry community got a later start with computers in our businesses and lives.  That’s not a criticism, just a fact.  It took our beauty industry sector longer than most others to adopt computers and use the internet as a daily part of salon/spa business and personal life.  I speculate […]

Twitter for On-Line Scheduling or What?

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Get it While it’s Hot! Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan on Twitter, and on his blog), is a person we suggested you follow on Twitter in our recent Twitter blog post . He just tweeted a very hot idea he found on Mr. Tweet (don’t ask…we’ll explain later). Within hours it’s been retweeted over 200 times […]

Beauty PR Opportunities Galore this Weekend

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We’ll See you There. If you’re within reach of getting to the 2009 International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA this weekend (Jan 31-Feb 2), we strongly suggest you get a move on and get there.  ISSE is a golden opportunity to gather up great PR material and opportunities for you, and your […]

What Not to do in Public Places

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Where Am I? Have you ever been at a beauty industry event, sitting in the crowded and noisy hotel restaurant, having a ‘private’ conversation with a friend, and catch yourself sharing a thought above the din you would never want someone else to hear?  Oops.  Good thing no one heard that.  Or did they? An […]