Twitter for On-Line Scheduling or What?

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Get it While it’s Hot!

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan on Twitter, and on his blog), is a person we suggested you follow on Twitter in our recent Twitter blog post . He just tweeted a very hot idea he found on Mr. Tweet (don’t ask…we’ll explain later). Within hours it’s been retweeted over 200 times by others who think it’s a cool idea too. We suggest you hurry before your competition grabs it and decides to run with it.

If you’re creative (and we know you are), you will take this and ‘play’ with it in your next salon/spa meeting with your staff.

Topic: How can this concept work to heat up our client base … and our local newspaper and/or magazines at the same time?

I can’t even imagine a local newspaper/magazine writer not finding this story fascinating as a cool lifestyle tidbit at the very least. Frankly, I’ll bet several smart freelance writers are already licking their journalistic chops to use this as a piece of trend story for a national pub.

I can just see your tweets now. “@yourclientname I’m running 10 minutes behind. ” – Let ’em know so they don’t sit around.

I can see your clients’ tweets now? “@yoursalonname Can you fit me in this afternoon?” – Make appointments.

I can just read your news release now. “Spa Clients All ‘A-Twitter’ Scheduling Appts at YourSpaName”

Read it and let your thinking go.  Report back and let us know what you do with it.

Who’s going to take a crack at doing something with it? Comment and let us know.

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3 responses to “Twitter for On-Line Scheduling or What?”

  1. Doug Schoon says:

    Hi Alex,
    I took you’re advice and joined Twitter, partly because of Sharon’s warning that someone else could “register” my name before me and I might lose it. So I did, it was easy, I watched the video, Twitter looks great.
    But I am wondering how I can use it for business? For example, how could I use it to find new clients? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Alex Irving says:

    New Page 1

    Great question Doug.  Here are a couple of suggestions.  If
    you are following interesting people for a while (like the two I mentioned in
    the post) you will find your own mind searching for how to find prospective
    business.  I know you have a mind that loves to probe.  Meanwhile:

    1.       Go right here and read Michael Stelzner’s white paper," How to Use Twitter to grow Your Business" for starters.

    2.       Do a Google Search on "Using Twitter to grow Your Business" – Read Tons

    3.       Discover all the tools that have evolved with Twitter’s open API.  Such

    The list goes on …

    Enjoy.  You’ll either love me or hate me when you get going