Salon PR Tip – Understand Editorial Media Requirements

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Online and Print are Two Different Beasts What looks fine on a computer screen is often totally unusable for print publication.  We recommend you invest the time to learn about DPI (dots per inch)  vs. PPI (Pixel density), screen size (pixels) vs. print size (inches), image file types (strengths and shortcomings), etc. It’s annoying (and […]

Hair Photos – Slapping Posters Up on Walls?

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Is it About Hair Photos, or Storytelling? There’s no shortage of salon professional hair photos in the beauty social media universe. Thousands of stylists spend hours uploading their hair photos to salon pro websites hoping to attract new clients, and show friends their good work. Sadly, with all that time and effort, most are just […]

What’s Your Excuse?

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Some writings resonate We’ve heard every reason and excuse in the book for salon professionals not doing anything about their PR. “I can’t afford to hire a PR agency.“, or, I can’t afford monthly commitments“.  Those two have always been the biggies. Well we’ve figured that one out for you. Check out PR a la […]

Digital Photos for Salon PR – Ready for Prime-Time?

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Photos are Everything for Salon PR If you are headed for an industry show here are a few photo tips for getting good editorial shots with your digital snapshot camera. Occasionally, we (or the magazines) get emails with photos that are simply too pixel-lean … too small.  They look fine on a computer screen at […]