Salon PR Tip – Respect Editor’s Inboxes

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You Think You Receive a Lot of Email?

Magazine editors, TV segment producers, and our industry editors probably receive 50 times your volume … at least.  Giant attachment files on your pitch news release email are often not appreciated.

If your pitch and news release has a photo or a video included (and it should), include it via a link to a large enough JPG file for them to get a good look at it (and a download link).

If they’re interested, you’ll hear back from them and they will ask for a larger magazine-print size (300 dpi copy) as an attachment.  If you’re unclear on image sizes and dots per inch (DPI) vs. pixels per inch (PPI) you can learn more here.

Other Options to Help Get Your News Release Read …

Social Media Release (SMR) Services

An SMR service such as pitchengine, or MyPRGenie) is a  an excellent alternative to attached Word documents.  The SMR becomes your place to put all your news releases on the web … well search optimized.

They publish to search engines, offer analytics, social media capabilities, links, tags, image, video, and an excellent and easy download capability for large images and videos.

It’s all neatly organized and many editors are familiar with looking at releases there.

Costs for a full-featured news release service you want range from $19 – $500 depending on services you want.

Pitchengine’s  $39 a month and MyPRGenie’s $19 or $40 packages should fit the average business’ pocketbook and needs.

We do not recommend the ‘free’ accounts offered as enticements.  Big drawback … other people’s ‘related pitches’ on your release page (ugh).

Set Up an Online Sharing Service

You can also use a sharing Service like and to hold your large files for download by the editor with a link included in the emailed release. Not quite the penache of an SMR, but still easy to download from.

Use Your Own Media Page On Your Website

An excellent solution because you have your own display and storage place for editors to download from and find links to all your other news releases, photos and videos. Maybe they’ll look around? That would be nice.

Important Note: Do your SEO homework on your media page! You want the search engines to find the good stuff.

How Do You Get Your News Out?

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