Robert Reed – Ergo Styling Tools

“When you want to ‘get the word out’ to the press, there is no better place to begin than to seek the support of Esche and Alexander.

“Brimming with beauty industry insights, Sharon and Alex have always been my ‘go to’ to interpret my message, refine it to be of interest and excitement and then, through their extensive contact network, make sure my story had impact with the editors and their readers. I can’t think of a better enhancement for your company than to consider Esche and Alexander as an integral part of your marketing strategy.

“I have recommended them to my industry friends and encourage you to develop the same performance-based relationship with them as I have over the past 21 years. Please feel free to reach me at if I may be of any further insight into why Esche and Alexander are the eminent public relations leaders.”

Melanie Nickels – CEO, Raw Hair Organics, Inc.

“… I really did not have a huge interest in going to a class on Facebooking, etc. However, being a businesswoman, I understood the importance of it, so I begrudgingly went.

“I have to admit, the class was very interesting and offered tons of great information due to the vast knowledge and experience that Sharon and Alex have and are willing to share.…

“My husband and I started working with Sharon and Alex from that point on learning about and strategizing how to use social media to help my salon and product business to grow, how to build up and market my brand, and how to utilize different areas of PR. We enjoyed and valued every minute we spent talking with them as they sincerely care about helping you to be successful in reaching your goals.

Fred Jones – Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC)

“E&A has given my organization unbelievable personal and professional PR service for nearly 20 years. But they are more than a PR firm. They become part of your company, part of your family, investing their heart and soul into advancing your interest.

With their unparalleled experience and contacts in the world of beauty, they can bring your company or organization instant credibility, opening doors to industry VIPs, while offering invaluable insights as to how best to elevate your profile and reputation in the close-knit beauty industry.

E&A can play the long game, with their broad vision and long history in this industry, but they also know how to micro-target product/service roll-outs, maximizing effective marketing/media exposure. They have also developed key partnerships with technology firms and other vendors to broaden their potential service, a sort of one-stop shop for all of your communications, PR, online profile, social media, education/training, policy advocacy and marketing needs.”

Lana Tennant, – Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Gordon Laboratories and McKenna Labs

“I have had the pleasure of working with Esche and Alexander Public Relations at two companies. Most recently, I brought on Sharon Esche and Alex Irving while I was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gordon Laboratories and subsequently McKenna Labs. Their ability to relate to their clients set them apart from any other public relations company with whom I have worked. Their knowledge of the personal-care industry was demonstrated time and time again as they created a complete PR/Advertising campaign and helped to develop a website and marketing material that greatly exceeded my expectations.

They took care of everything and made the entire process completely enjoyable. Sharon and Alex are passionate and professional and are two of the most generous, honest and exceptionally well-loved and well-respected people throughout the industry.”

John & Suzanne Chadwick – Beverly Hills and Fallbrook, CA

"The entire Esche & Alexander group are a perfectly matched team of specialists who are each able to breathe life into a product, marketing campaign, exposition and/or special projects for the good of life. Sharon has the ear to listen and to bring together entire concepts and put them into powerful words. Alex has the drive and purpose to see that every last detail falls into place. If you’re involved in the beauty business (or want to be), Esche & Alexander are the people you must meet.

"Suzanne and I have been helped with many projects throughout the world, especially here in America. Sharon was one of the single most influential individuals who ‘launched ‘us to the New York Press, and then continued her efforts nationally.

“Alex was of tremendous help in our presentations and our projects in China. During our career we have worked with many agencies large and small, but none have ever measured up to the talent and spontaneity of Esche & Alexander; wonderful, flawless, individuals."

Tony Case – CEO & President, Lumiere Light Therapy and CEO & President, Colure True Color Care

“I have worked with Alex and Sharon for about nine years now. They are the best in the business at what they do. I used several PR agencies prior to finding Alex and Sharon.

They gave me a clear road map of what they would do and taught me all about the PR business as we went along. They promised certain deliverables. These were around ‘activity’ items that would ultimately yield results.

This plan worked flawlessly and we actually achieved significantly better results than we had forecast. In the process, I grew close to both Alex and Sharon as they are what they seem to be. Very hard working, dedicated, and nice people.

“PR is like any other business. Put the effort in consistently with a clear message and the results will follow. It does not happen overnight. However, if you follow the plan Alex and Sharon will lay out for you and work daily at it, the results (with some patience) will come much more quickly than you expect.

Dal Hegley – CFO, GG Enterprises / Supercuts

“Esche & Alexander's team has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty, helping us out of a couple of serious jams. They are well-connected, highly intelligent, and really nice people! I have a clear experience of their integrity: irreproachable. When they say something, they have my attention; it's worth listening to. I commend them absolutely!”

Jody Byrne

It's a rare thing when you find integrity, perspective, experience and execution. When you get Alex and Sharon, you get all that ... plus they care. What more is there? (Chocolate and puppies which Alex would agree are also highly significant!). Work with Alex and Sharon ... you will be enriched and educated by the experience.

Neil Ducoff (Strategies)

“I've known Alex and Sharon and their work for years. Here's a team that is not only passionate about their work and delivers a consistently effective public relations service but they are ALL about innovation and discovering new tools and avenues to deliver unique messages to the world. Hey, I've worked with lots of so-called PR experts whose greatest skill was cashing my checks and little else. If you're looking for something fresh and results driven — look to Esche & Alexander.

Paul Barry, Barristar Productions – Student Underground Shows

“Alex and Sharon have an amazing drive and an incomparable ability to focus in on exactly what your needs are. Together, they determine your needs and target your potential customer...trustworthy and effective!”

Jesse Skitrall - Absolut Hair Salon & Makeup Bar, Everett, Washington

“OMG! I have to share how wonderful you are in case you were unaware! Your media alert helped so much! We ended up with the local Seattle news station and the local paper at our event. I am forever in your indebtedness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“I wanted to take a moment and send you a note letting you know how truly grateful I am for your help with our recent ‘Navy Wives Makeover Event.’ Even though it was short notice, your quick writing and suggestions paid off big time!

“Through the Media Alert you wrote we ended up having the local news station and newspaper show up at our event along with a mention on another TV news station. This kind of marketing cannot be bought!

Sandra Haynes, What's New Salon, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Alex and Sharon are a wonderful resource for PR and marketing for the beauty industry. Spas and salon owners can be assured that Alex will guide them and help accomplish their goals and will always be the ‘early adopter’ of any new trends in media.”

Sandy Kurtzman, Master Colorist, Austin, Texas

“In the few short hours spent in two workshops with Alex Irving and Sharon Esche, I took away nearly a lifetime of their knowledge which has helped to support me in discovering opportunities and how to develop them to change my life and substantially further my career. Not only did they share a vast amount of knowledge on the inner workings of public relations within the beauty industry, for which they are truly experts, but I also found them to be an encyclopedic reference on public relations, business and marketing protocol as applied to all fields.

“Having Sharon and Alex almost feels like I have two silent partners who are experts, to share the load of promoting a professional salon, to run ideas past and get their input and suggestions, knowledgeable coaches and, best of all, they are two incredible human beings who want to see me succeed, and enjoy celebrating my successes with me, and being there to encourage me to keep my eyes on the horizon for many more.

“They provided excellent training and career guidance for getting the most out of a public relations campaign. Their advice, resources, expertise, integrity and imagination have catapulted my career in entertainment photography, and his coaching taught me to leave fear behind so that my skills can take over. Alex and Sharon are also quite personable, punctual and promise less to deliver more. They are the ones I would hire for any public relations or publicity need.”