Is This You? Just … so busy.

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“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

How many times have you read or heard that? More than once we’ll bet.

It has to be several hundred times for me.

Why do we see it so many times?  Because it’s a universal truth and we all recognize it.  It’s about me … every time I read it.

 But Then …

You’re pooped at the end of a busy day.  You really want to flop in the recliner, put your feet up and watch some TV. You’ve been solid all day long with ‘things to do’ or clients.

Let’s see … what are my excuses?

  • I need time off to be with my friends or family.
  • I need to recharge … I’m beat.
  • I need to do the books
  • I gotta get that <name the project> finished.
  • Insert your reasons here
  • and here
  • and here

You don’t want to think about ‘new’ or ‘different’.  We know we should, and we feel guilty.  “I’ll think about it tomorrow, Miss Scarlett”.

Doing PR is One of Those ‘Things’.

<sigh> You’ve thought about it so many times … and you just never get to it.

Maybe you have done something about it … a few times … but then you just got ‘so busy’ again.

Just Do One Thing

Call us. 760-414-3370. Let’s talk about it.  It won’t cost you a dime (well … maybe for the call).

At the very least … stay tuned.

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