Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW!

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Alex and I Are Passionate About Our Industry.

Spa tent on the Capitol Steps

We thought we’d share some of that with you in this post. It’s something we volunteer for and a good example of how industry volunteerism is valuable for building your personal brand. Yes, we do heed our own advice 🙂

I’m Still on a High

What am I high about? We’re fresh from the south steps of the California’s State Capitol Building in Sacramento!   And so are all the volunteer salon pros and students who were part of a positive PR effort for our own industry that we will never forget!  What were we all doing together?  Let me paint the picture for you!

Guess Who?

Alex and I serve on the board of the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC) and along with 12 other fellow board members, and every year we host a fabulous event called Welcome To Our World’ (W.O.W.), exclusively for our state legislators and regulators and staff. Our goal was to create a beautiful and de-stressing, ‘salon environment’, complete with services, great refreshments, music, and positive buzz about our 6-billion dollar beauty industry in California.

Our team of 35 or so volunteer salon professionals came from all over California to support this event. Our talented event manager ( had a festive white mega-tent pitched at the foot of the building steps…and all who entered experienced the best our industry has to offer. This year’s 150 W.O.W, guests enjoyed a total of 450 salon services, including cuts and styling, manicures, neck and shoulder massages and makeup touch-ups.  We even had a Reiki treatment expert on deck as well as a Swedish Stone Massage Therapist – not to mention our special barber pros that rounded out our services spectrum. Lots of great photos here if you’re interested.

The Event Was Important!

Educating Legislators

Important because we wanted each legislator who impacts ‘life in a California salon or spa to leave our spa tent more knowledgeable about who we are as a respected profession, who we represent as an industry (a lot of votes <g>),  and where we stand on the important issues that they vote on and regulate.  I am very proud to say that on that day – in that fabulous tent – with those incredible volunteers … on the south steps of the Capitol Building… and for our industry….mission accomplished!!!

Personal Benefit

Our 14 Wonderful Nail Technicians

Local news awareness is the benefit for every volunteer involved. The minute the event is over, you go into local PR mode and let your local press know you took part in whatever the great event is that you were in (The WOW event is just like the other unique and newsworthy events that you get involved in …or should be!).

Sacramento’s Salon B

Follow the lead of the salon owners, stylists, make-up artists, masseuses, trichologists, manicurists, barbers, school owners, teachers, students, product manufacturers, publicists and book authors  who took place in ‘Welcome To Our World’ – get out a press release and photo of you at the event to your important local media as soon as you get the photos to let them know you or your salon took part in something important and relevant to your profession – your industry.

Linda Bertault Reiki-ing up a storm

Whether you’re in Missouri, Florida, Michigan, Colorado. Texas, Pennsylvania, France, Japan or one of the United Arab Emirates, (yes, BeautyPRpro has subscribers in Dubai <g>), volunteer for something newsworthy and relevant in your industry, take photos of you and your team participating in the event, and following the event, get the photo and release to local newspapers, magazines, etc.

Walking on the W.O.W. Side of PR. 5 Quick, Simplifying Tips:

  1. Look for local/regional ‘making a difference’ opportunities in the industry where you can get involved by volunteering your services and expertise.
  2. Have your digital camera handy to snap a few of ‘you’ in action at the event.
  3. Soon after the event, have your press release and photos in the hands of your local targeted media, bottom-lining for them the details of the event and your/your salon or spa’s role in that event.
  4. Have your targeted media contact list pre-researched (target names, e-mail addresses etc) so you don’t have to waste time looking up contact information after the event.
  5. You can even pre-write your press release in advance of the event (get all the details lined up). That way, all you have to do is team up your photo with your already prepared release and get it out FAST to the local press.

Most of all … have fun with it all.  You and your staff do make a big difference.

How Do You Use Industry Events Locally for Growing Your Brand?

4 responses to “Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW!”

  1. Poza Salon says:

    Wow..what a great concept!

  2. […] Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW! […]

  3. laurel says:

    I had a cut-a-thon at my salon may16 to raise money for the epilepsy association of central florida in brevard county. It was an awesome event. We raised $2200. We did 56 haircuts that day! Another salon came and worked with me. I have epilepsy and this was very important to me. We gave out bike helmets, had raffles and educated about epilepsy. It was a very rewarding day.
    I meant to send the pictures I had taken to a local magazine we have in our area but honestly I was just worn out.. lol. Is it too late 2 months later? I should have done it immediately after I know.
    We have the best career. I am able to give back through my work. It is an awesome feeling.

    • Alex Irving says:

      Hi Laurel,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Been away for a couple of days. It is never too late. Just phrase your press release to say “Recently” or “Recent”. If your photos are fun (don’t forget to caption them) and the cause a good one you may well get a nibble. After you send the release to your target editors wait a couple of weeks then call to ask if there was any interest in that story. Don’t ask if they got your release. Of course they did. If you’re asked to send another you’re steps ahead.

      If they feel your passion for the cause it accomplishes a lot. Place your focus on the local Epilepsy organization rather than your salon. You’ll get kudos by asking for someone else. Let us know how it goes.