Good Salon PR -‘One’ Resolution Away – Just Do It!

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Happy New Year To You All!

Are you any good at keeping New Year Resolutions?  We suspect not.  Like you, we used to make a bunch of those every year, with truly the best of intentions, only to find the newly-minted days slipping by once again.  We were ‘consumed’ by daily life robbing our time and energy.  “We’ll get on it tomorrow”, we would say to each other.  But, tomorrow came and went, and became just like today.  In the end, we did what we always did, and got what we always got, and nothing really changed.

How many times have you said to yourself, “This year I’m going to get on getting more press”?  More than once?  A rhetorical question, of course.  It’s always, “No . . . I’ve just been so busy this year “.

How We Solved Our RFS (Resolution Failure Syndrome)

Are you ready for our secret to resolution-keeping success?  Here it is.  We made only ONE resolution  in 2008. We promised each other we would create a blog. We sat down, wrote out a plan, got a basic calendar of tasks, and simply did what was on the calendar.  (Duh).

You were expecting more?  Just do one thing?  That’s it?.

Yes, that’s it!

  • Stop overwhelming yourself.
  • Suck it up.
  • Do one new thing.

Of course, we think your ‘one thing’ should be planning out how to get more good press.

Here’s How We Did Our ‘One New Thing’ back in 2008.

Sounds like ancient history now, but back then what we knew about blogging back then fitted on the head of a pin, so we were starting from scratch.  We knew nothing, and had everything to learn.  Pretty much all the skills involved were new to us.  Sure we knew how to write, but the writing style was totally different.  Everything was different.  The medium and the media were different.  We had to practice in private. There was loads of trial and error.  We discussed with friends.  We had to select and learn to use blogging software, and we had to do it all in off-hours (gotta take care of paying client work first).  So that was our one new thing.   Worth it for us?  Yes.  Worth it for you? You decide … and do it!

It took us until late in October despite the fact it was the only new thing we had to do for a whole year and we had it on the calendar every step of the way.  Lesson learned?  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  One thing resolved is do-able.

Plan and Calendar your Tasks — Make It Real.

Getting the attention of the media is no different than any other aspect of your business.  You really must plan specifically what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.  Without a plan (and dates on the calendar) you will assuredly fall back into daily subsistence.  Life is too busy.  Not only that, you’ll be shooting from the hip all year long.

Planning is so critical to real PR success we have dedicated a whole section in  “Life Changing PR for Salon and Spa Owners“.

If you’ve gotten the bug to move ahead (and we hope you do), here are some earlier posts on PR process that may help inspire you to take action and make your public relations efforts your ONE AND ONLY resolution for 2009.

What say you?

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