Ever Have a Swishing Party?

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PR  ‘old timers’ (sorry about that) as well as ‘newbies’ should always be hunting for ‘newsworthy’ ideas, tips and tricks of the trade.  Staying fresh and interesting for the media (and your clients) is not easy. It demands not only rummaging around in your own brain and brainstorming with your staff, but reaching out and finding good resources out here in the blogosphere.

“It’s the Economy . . .”

Remember our “Catch the Wave” post of a few weeks ago that focused on using a current hot trend to boost your chances of getting your news picked up? Well here’s a great example you want to consider that takes advantage of your client’s currently accelerated desire to save money, and at the same time have a great time and build traffic at your salon. It’s unique, timely and it well passes muster for a ‘newsworthy’ story that any writer/editor/segment producer worth their salt should pay attention to.

The Swishing Party

UK Salon marketing consultant Martin Smith in Sheffield, England on his blog Beauty Salon Marketing has a great suggestion.  The ‘Swishing Party’ . . . definitely worthy of your attention . . .  and fun too! Lots of resources and background info out there . . . Just do a search on the words ‘swishing party’.

Background Links

For your convenience I included 3 links here that will give you some planning ideas and show show you an October BBC result in the UK.

A Final Ingredient to Consider

During your salon ‘swishing’ event perhaps you might orchestrate a brief  ‘mini-collection’ presentation to show off your salon’s creativity. Since the clothes on the racks will probably span a period of time, perhaps a variety 70’s, 80’s, 90’s around the theme of ‘styles of the times’.  But you’re the experts on the style and fashion ingredients. We’re only here to stimulate your thinking toward making your gathering a multi-level salon experience for your ‘swishing’ audience. Go have fun with it!

Share Your Experience

Having recently reviewed our subscribers list to BeautyPRpro, we can share that there are some very talented and experienced industry PR mavens out there watching the blog stream, making sure no good idea slips by their radar. Many of our less experineced blog followers would love to hear from some of you more experienced folks. Click on the footer ‘Leave a comment’ and tell us What your most ‘newsworthy’ activities been? As they say on Twitter, “What are you doing?

Happy (and safe) New Year everyone.


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