All The World’s a PR Stage – Are You Ready?

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We’re Guessing, No

The previous post asked the “Supermarket Conversation” question :-). That’s enough homework for anyone. But there’s one more exercise that goes with that question before we move ahead and change topics.

It’s been our experience in our classes that very few of us are ready to answer the ‘supermarket question’ off the top of our head. We do that exercise to make the point that if we actually got the chance to do a spot on a morning news segment, most of us are not quite ready for ‘prime-time’ yet.

Reporters invariably ask questions about salon, work, or philosophy’ of fashion, color, style, etc. Minds race trying to say something . . . ‘cool’. But, without pre-thought and a basic script , . . it just doesn’t come out the way we would like . . .’cool’.

The PR Process

As you hopefully read in your free copy of “Life Changing PR for Salon & Spa Owners” (after you subscribed), PR is a process. It’s not only being able to do good hair, writing press releases, taking photos and sending them out.

The process involves a learned skill set requiring preparation on your part. You must think like the ‘actor’ you need to be everyday with your clients.

There are lines to learn and a stage to set before you are ready to take your ‘show’ on the media road. We’ll post more later about ‘being an actor’.


Being ready for PR requires clarity of thought, ideas, goals, and the ability to express them to others.

Some of these early posts talk about the process each of us needs to go through to get clear in our own minds (and on paper), to be ready to answer all kinds of questions interestingly, simply … and with your wonderful personality.

Most of us can’t do it without a ‘rehearsal’ and having found some of those wonderful ‘sound bites’ that writers and TV editors love so much, on topics like:

  • Who you are and why you chose to become a salon professional?
  • What your salon represents to you and your clients?
  • What is your ‘take’ and commentary on where fashion has been, where it is now, and where you see it going next season? Beyond?
  • What is it you bring to your clients that is truly unique?

Those questions are just for starters. I’m sure you can imagine some fascinating interview scenarios for yourself.

A Fun and Practical Exercise

  • Select your favorite local morning/evening news show you would like to appear on.
  • What kind of segments do they do on that show?
  • Think about a segment for that show. Imagine it in your mind. Write it down!
  • What questions would you be asked?
  • What are your answers to those questions?
  • What are some good ‘sound bites’ that sound ‘cool’ and fresh.
  • What would you want to show or demonstrate?

This exercise is even more fun is when you do it with a friend that you enjoy and feel safe to have fun with. Do the ‘supermarket’ question and this exercise, and keep following along here at beautyprpro. I assure you that many of you will have the chance to ‘pitch’ that fantasy segment to that show you selected.

Have a fun weekend.

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