How to Begin a Movement – ‘Passion’ and ‘Fun’ Sells

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Why Have Over a Million People Watched This Video on YouTube?

It was shot at the Sasquatch Music Festival this year.  Either you get it, or you don’t.  Either you will do something with it … or you won’t.  As always … the ball’s in your court.

If you don’t get it ( or you get it, but don’t do anything with it) … no problem, you’ll be fine anyway.

But, if you do get it, and really think about it, perhaps you’ll want to do something about it, like make it a brainstorming focal point at your next staff meeting.  How can you use what you see happening in the video and make it work for you and your salon or spa?

How can you joyously start something in your neighborhood … city … state … Industry … that others can join in on and take as much joy out of it as you do?  It doesn’t have to have anything to do with beauty, style, or fashion.

A few of our observations:

  • People are looking for inspiration and a passionate leader.
  • You need to do what you do passionately and have fun at it.
  • You need to make sure as many people as you can muster see you doing it.
  • Trust that if you keep doing it long enough, and passionately enough, people will join you.
  • Only a few join at first … Just keep doing it.
  • Suddenly, a tipping point … and what do you know … a movement is born.

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7 responses to “How to Begin a Movement – ‘Passion’ and ‘Fun’ Sells”

  1. Poza Salon says:

    Right on..That is exactly how it works! Humans naturally follow a leader and that is why it is vital that you have a good one in place or like this guy just get up and DO SOMETHING. I think Fear(False.Evidence.Appearing.Real) of the unknown or fear of rejection is what paralyzes us. Eleanor Roosevelt said best,”Do something everyday that scares you”…

  2. It’s very difficult to take that first step outside of yourself to do something so different. Who wants to be that first person on the dance floor? We are all more alike than we think we are. So, the message is clear, go ahead and take that first just never know how many people with follow you!!

    • Alex Irving says:

      It is scary out there Lisa. You and Zahava (@Pozasalon) are on the leading edge in the industry with your blog scouring and outreach. This is where the world is going.

      How many years did we spend seeking the approval of others and not wanting to be ‘different’? Only after we understand can we realize that so many others are looking to someone to show and lead them into something or someplace new. All we need to do is summon up our courage, step out and do it and make sure everyone sees us doing it. That’s what PR is all about. We’re not better because of the knowledge. We just have the responsibility to share it with our friends.

      Thanks for the comment. Nice on the Gravatar.

  3. Melissa Hill says:

    Hey Alex! What a great video. Thanks for sharing it. Made me want to get up and dance with them.

  4. mary cahill garrard says:

    Joy is contageous!

  5. Florrie says:

    I’m still waiting to see this famous video!