How To Become an ‘Overnight’ Salon PR Success

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“The World is Filled with Talented, Poor Dreamers”

We don’t remember who gets attribution for that quote, but our BeautyPRpro header copy above reflects how we feel about that headline.

Several thousand years ago a Roman philosopher said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.  More recently, a guy named Samuel Goldwyn, a Hollywood producer/movie mogul said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Well, odds are you’re not going to be ‘hit by lightening’ and hired for that new reality TV series on Bravo, so you better start planning how you are going to get noticed and get ahead in your career.

Every stylist/colorist on industry stages and in the magazines editorially has garnered real PR success (forget the ‘flash in the pans’) by beginning with passion, fear, anxiety, and hope.  They plunked themselves down, talked to people who knew the industry and how stuff happens, planned out their early steps, and added their personal sweat, blood, tears and talent.  Simple, no?

What Did They Do … ?

  • Wrote a personal bio and media information material
  • Developed a fashion point of view
  • Created a news release plan to get known by local and industry editors
  • Did charitable activity for the year
  • Developed fashion photography for their clients and the media
  • Grew their editorial relationships
  • Attended industry events to be seen at, involved in, and photographed at.
  • Decided on newsworthy local sponsorships
  • Argh   …. That a huge list! … Yeah, and that’s not even the half of it … but …

Just Do ‘One’ Thing

If you try to think about it all alone, it feels overwhelming. That’s why so few actually step out and move on down the road to real PR success.

It is actually simple.  Just do the first thing.  Once you start (and succeed) at the first thing you do, the next gets easier and feels more doable.

It Really Is That Simple?

Yep!  Want help?  No cost to say hi and share your dreams. Ask those salon professionals who’ve done it how they did it. They’ll talk to you. Just call ‘em.

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  1. tim telles says:

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  2. admin says:

    Tim, let’s see if a link to the BeautyPRpro page also helps get the word out. Drop by at