Salon Pro Facebook ‘Sins’ – Part I

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Do You Use a Personal Facebook Profile for your Salon Industry Business?

Many salon pros (and businesses) are using their Facebook personal profile for their professional side.

You may have originally chosen to use your personal profile because:

  • You could send ‘friend requests’ to anyone you wish (who will friend you back).
  • You could comment on your ‘friends’ wall (if their wall allows it).
  • You could send personal ‘messages’ to your ‘friends’..
  • You just didn’t know better.

That may not be the best answer for you in the long run.  Here’s why.

8 Reasons Why You Probably Don’t Want To Do That

  • Any angry ‘friend’ with a bone to pick, or annoyed by one too many business-related personal messages, can report your ‘fake’ profile to Facebook and jeopardize all your hard work growing your personal or company ‘brand’.  Maintaining a business page as a personal profile is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Responsibilities. They can (and have in the past) blow you, and all your hard-earned ‘friends’, photos, links, and lists right off the Facebook map.  Goodbye! 🙁
  • There’s no easy to click ‘LIKE’ button.  Although you can send friend requests to others, most prospective clients/customers won’t take the time to send friend requests  to a  business … it interrupts their Facebook time and involves too much additional effort. Remember, on-line it’s click and go, ya’ know.
  • There’s no ‘Facebook Analytics’ for personal profiles – You have absolutely no marketing data to help you more effectively reach out and grow your client/customer fans.
  • You can’t run contests or other promotional activities.
  • You have no way to override Facebook’s edge-rank algorithm using the ‘Promote’ feature to help you reach a much larger number of fans and their friends.
  • There’s a 5,000 ‘friends’ limit. There’s no limit on page ‘Fans’.
  • You can’t create ‘Admins’ to help you with page posts.  To do that you must give someone else your Facebook login L (gulp).
  • Someday you may want a joint venture opportunity, investors, business partners, sales consultants, media opportunities, or to sell your business.   A professional (and secure) Facebook presence adds credibility and value.

‘Personal profiles’ are for people. ‘Pages’ are for business.

Given all that, if you did want to make the change from profile to page, how can you do that?  Here’s how.

How to Convert Your Profile to a Page

Read both the links that follow carefully before attempting to convert and you’ll have a good, clean conversion, and you’ll avoid losing any of your accumulated photos and friend’s data.

  1. How to Convert Facebook Personal Profile to a Fan/Business Page by Lisa LIbutti
  2. Facebook’s conversion help page

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