What You Need to Know About the Beauty PR Process

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In our role as beauty PR specialists, Sharon and I keep an eye on several different worlds:

  • The world of beauty and fashion.
  • The world of esthetics and spas.
  • The world of writers and editors (business, beauty & grooming, lifestyle, etc).
  • The PR universe (buzz and trends in PR).

Just as you read your industry and consumer publications and to stay abreast of influences and trends – so do we.  We can’t innovate for our clients if we don’t know what is going on.

Normally, our ‘other worlds’ are transparent to our clients at www.beauty-pr.com.  That’s what you hire us to do for you.  But in your case here at BeautyPRpro, this is where you come to learn how to ‘get good at getting press’ and you do need to know about the ‘behind the scenes’.

You’ll be a lot more successful, and a welcome guest in a journalist’s office, when you understand their world better and how you must fit into the flow and bring them ‘value’.

The “spray and pray’ crowd who grab a list of contacts saying they’re “doing a media blitz”, are thoroughly not appreciated.  Mass distribution works only for hot, hard news and as important as your latest collection or new product line is to you, it is not ‘hot news’ to anyone but you.  In niche fields such as beauty, you need to develop your editorial smarts and insights to successfully connect with the writers & editors that write about your topic.

We’ll be sending you off many places in the months to come so you can learn first-hand from those on both the receiving and sending end.  Today we suggest you start here with Rohit Bhargava’s recent post on What All PR People Should Know about Journalists and then, What Journalists Should Know about PR People.  Smart guy. You’d do well to welcome his posts into your inbox.

What say you? Some of you have been doing this for years.

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