PR Opportunities at The International Haircolor Exchange (IHE)

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Opportunity Knocks

If you are serious about moving your PR efforts ahead, in our recent post (Get Out of the Salon . . .  And the Neighborhood), we recommended several unique event activities to expand your personal universe and give you some great material for local media. Well, the International Haircolor Exchange is coming right up on November 9-10 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California and it’s a once a year only opportunity.

What makes IHE unique . . .

. . . among the bigger shows and events is that the education offered is ‘brand-neutral’ . . . generic hair color education that doesn’t focus on any manufacturer or their products Of course you’ll see many manufacturers there showcasing new products with all the frills, but it’s the colorist-to-colorist education, the brand-neutral formulas and step-by-step techniques that make this event so different.

Sharon and I don’t ‘sell’ shows or anything else here on BeautyPRPro. Our job is to help you find opportunities that offer good PR value and to show you how to use what you gain from that experience. IHE is one of those good opportunities!

Stay Tuned

In our posts that follow the IHE event, we’ll give you a good sample press release to use locally and offer other recommendations for media-friendly follow-up activities you can do back at your salon or spa to glean good local media attention.

In addition, there are activities that will both inspire your staffers that couldn’t attend . . . and your clients, who love to know you are on the ‘forward edge’ of color education.

Now is a great time to make your own PR commitment. Buy your plane ticket (or gas up the car), reserve your room (maybe take your top salon performers with you?) and get moving! And, for heavens sake, DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERA!

Note: We’ll post a short photo suggestion post later this week to make sure you get good high-resolution [300 dpi] photos and not dinky ones the media can’t use.

Here’s your homework at the IHE

. . .  Get photos of yourself (and your staff if they are there) with some of the great color educators. Just walk right up to them after the class, introduce yourself, ask them for the photo op, tell them how you plan to use it in your local media. They’ll be more than happy to help. Stay tuned to our next post and we’ll make some great suggestions for your show plan.

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