Working Style

Principal-to-Principal Working Relationship.

There is no ‘account team’ of recent college grads at Esche & Alexander. E&A clients work only with the agency principals. This ensures efficient input, effective action, and delivers the expected beauty PR results.

Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism

We have worked hard to become considered trusted confidantes and consultants at the highest levels of the beauty industry. This includes many of the most respected retail and professional beauty product companies, top full-service salons and chains, high-profile decision-makers, influential organizations, and valued editors and TV producers within the consumer and trade media.

An ‘Authoritative’ Resource

When the press needs information, they quite often call their ‘trusted’ beauty PR contacts for ideas and resources. They call the seasoned ‘pros’ who are knowledgeable on their subject and who don’t waste their time. That, of course, ultimately leads to the client. Esche & Alexander has provided clients with many editorial opportunities by being contacted first by the press to ‘brainstorm’ and then parlay an idea or an article into client exposure.

Practical, ‘New School’ Public Relations

A contemporary no-nonsense approach to working with today’s editor or program producer means delivering relevant, practical information and ideas to the press without ‘wasting their time’ with puffery and entertainment. 95% of what a beauty public relations professional does is accomplished by phone, quick meetings at an editors’ office, facsimile, mail, and occasional events which brings press together under a client umbrella. Entertainment costs are minimal – Information flow is considerable.