Point of View

Beauty Public Relations is an On-Going ‘Process’

In terms of media acceptance, clients are either in the process of getting there, being there, or staying there. Each stage requires strong, consistent press support and fresh new beauty PR perspectives and ideas. Esche & Alexander helps our clients achieve a higher profile, and then reinforces public relations momentum in light of escalating beauty industry competition for the same beauty consumer and the same beauty editor. Esche & Alexander specializes in educating the press so that they may educate their readers/viewers, be it consumer or trade, print or broadcast media.

We Maintain a Limited and Selective Client Roster.

This strategy has helped build lasting relationships at all business-influential levels. We seek out, and are sought by, success-oriented, ethical beauty related clients who are among the best at what they do within their field. We work to build each client as the leading authority or definitive information resource for their area among targeted media. Essentially, our contacts know that when we represent a client to them, we are presenting someone and something we truly ‘believe’ in. This premise has built the success of Esche & Alexander – an uncompromising standard of client excellence where quality counts.

We Maintain ‘Neutrality’ Within the Beauty Industry.

Our clients are non-competitive, and are most often complementary. In the salon business, we are often considered an ‘industry friend’ in potentially competitive situations. Therefore, we enjoy a lot of freedom and exposure as a communications team that wants to be the authority on what’s new(s) and what’s next in our industry.