Sharing a Beautiful Day- Our Anniversary!

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It’s Our Wedding Anniversary!

Normally I only post about stuff that’s important to you.  Today I post selfishly about something that is very important to me.  A good number of you who subscribe here know us so I thought you’d enjoy this personal sharing.  It is a large piece of who we are.

Sharon and I have been together as partners in life for 31 years and partners in business for over 20.

Those of you who know Sharon well know how amazingly fortunate I was to have met her back in the crazy days at Clairol and then to have her decide to keep me around for all these years.

Sharon was, and is, a life-changer … not only for me, but for everyone in her life that she has touched and spent time with.

I love you, my darling Sharon, with all my heart. If I had a photo of me on one knee proposing I would post it here, but I didn’t have a camera handy when that moment happened. Happy Anniversary!

P.S. There’s still time to send wedding gifts 🙂


12 responses to “Sharing a Beautiful Day- Our Anniversary!”

  1. Samantha Gunn says:

    So happy to share my wedding anniversary with another amazing couple. To many more years of happiness to us all

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! To two of the loveliest people I know:) So happy for you!

  3. Hey! Happy Anniversary to you both. It’s the best when it’s the best, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing, Samantha.

    BTW, where in Little Falls did Larry take you for dinner?

  4. Samantha Gunn says:

    We went to Mmm in Newark NJ pre match to a New York Red Bulls game.

  5. Thanks, Amy. I’ll bet it is getting very beautiful around your neck of the woods.

    Suggestion: Get yourself a Gravatar at – That will put your lovely head shot on any post you have on the vast majority of blogs you comment on throughout the blogging and general web universe.

  6. Wonderful Samantha. I hope that was on your anniversary agenda too and not just his 🙂 LOL!

  7. Becci Renfro says:

    Congratulations to you both! These days it’s an amazing accomplishment to have such a long and strong relationship!
    I was thinking ( you know I think a lot…)about how most people these days won’t sew a button on a shirt, they throw it away and then go get another one. Seems they do the same with relationships – if their relationship/marriage needs mending they rather throw it away and get another.
    Again I congratulate you both!

  8. Thelma Austin says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Here’s wishing you many, many more.

    Please let Sharon know that I “mislocated” her email address, and could not find it via your company website. Let her know that I finally contacted Bob O. from Clairol. Those were great days at Clairol.

    Also, please let her know that the pundit/columnist I referred to, whose name I confused with hers, is Susan Estrich. Her columns are via Creators Syndicate Inc. I got Susan’s Wikipedia info via Google at

    Stay well.
    Thelma Austin

  9. Hi Thelma,

    I will definitely pass your comment on to Sharon. She’ll love to hear from you.


    P.S. Her email is

  10. Thelma,

    If you’re getting notice of the replies, what is your email address?

  11. Snow Ariza says:

    Super Excited to hear and see you both! Congrats on Another Amazing year and those yet come!!! You both are Amazing in every way!!! XoXo

  12. Thanks, Snow. It was great to see your news come by on Facebook. Knock ’em dead.