Newsworthy ‘Added Value’ for Your Clients – the Total ‘Look’

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Here’s an example of creativity from a really ‘style smart’ blogsite that …

  • Doesn’t cost you a dime.
  • Helps your clients get a total ‘look’.
  • Develops a relationship with surrounding fashion- oriented boutiques you think would make good promotional partners AND
  • Gives you something to crow about in the local media.

What if you were to build relationships with several fashion boutiques/stores in the area that retail the kinds of clothing your clients would be interested in?  Perhaps you could start pulling together total ‘looks’ for your clients and their customers, creating special combo pricing ideas for clients/customers visiting both of you.

All it would take is a digital camera, photos of a mannequin dressed in that ‘look’ you or your promotional partner create with accompanying hairstyle photos to complete that look.

Take it to the Next Step

How about having a fun and informal in-salon and/or in-store “mini-fashion get-togethers” for your clients (and theirs) once every month or two.  Both of you would get to crow about it together in your local media of course.

We think it’s a sure-fire story for local lifestyle, fashion, and beauty & grooming editors.  We can see the headline now, “Area Fashion Hotspots Team up to Add Value and Help Clients Get ‘The Look’ “.

What do you think?

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3 responses to “Newsworthy ‘Added Value’ for Your Clients – the Total ‘Look’”

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  2. angela says:

    we are a salon and boutique as well! we decided to be different and and put all under one roof! we look at ourselves as image consultants!