Facebook: Beyond Friend-Ups, Chats, Photos and New Business Pitches

Posted by Alexander Irving under General, Industry Opportunities, Networking, New Media, The PR Mindset

I love having found so many industry friends from over the years whom I get to see and speak with all too rarely during the busy industry events we attend.  I get to see your smiling (and occasionally silly photo) faces peering back at me from my Facebook dashboard and it makes me smile inside.  […]

‘Real’ Networking: Your New BFF in a Bad Economy

Posted by Sharon Esche Irving under General, Getting Started, Networking, Strategy

As a salon owner or independent contractor you grow your salon or spa business by bringing new clients into your fold.  Local personal networking is a powerful tool to do that … if you do it right! Networking Has To Be ‘Real’ To Be Right! OK, I admit it.  Even though I’m a publicist, I’ve […]