The World Wide Web Is a Very ‘Sticky’ Place

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Old adage in the PR business

Never, Never, (repeat) Never, put anything ‘in print’ you wouldn’t want read by everyone in the whole wide world (that includes notes passed in class, letters to friends, emails, etc). Well surprise! . . . the World Wide Web and all its “New Media” derivatives are also today’s “in print”.

Facebook and LinkedIn, along with myriad webblogs and other of the forums for public and private comment are getting many people caught ‘with their pants down’.

Yes . . . yes, of course there are simple ways to set profiles and communications wishes in Facebook and LinkedIn etc, but some people are less ‘new media literate’ than others. Be cautious using new media tools for private communications until you are clear about the setups and consequences. It’s not that hard to overlook a setting that keeps comments private.

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We feel so secluded at our desk or home computer typing away and expressing our “opinions” saying things we think are private. It’s so easy to forget that the web and all it’s derivatives is a very public place, with every nook and cranny carefully spidered by Google and Yahoo and every word you enter is so easily found by anyone with a simple search.

Once you’re ‘Googled’ . . . you’re Googled!

. . .  and forever ‘in print’ for anyone and everyone to see So, “Let’s be careful out there”!

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