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What Do You Think?

You may not have noticed, but we added a feature to BeautyPRpro to make your visit to BeautyPRpro more convenient and for those of you with a blog, more Google productive for your own blog or web page.

  1. Bloggers, and those with websites especially take note – We also added the CommentLUV plug-in. Very good for those of you with your own blog. When you make a comment on a post in BeautyPRPro, the plug-in automatically grabs the latest blog post headline from your blog and adds it with a link to your post on to the end of your comment. Here are the benefits:
    • You end up with 2 links to your site, not one, so it’s more likely that at least one will be clicked. (plus the Google double link back benefit). For those that don’t know, Google counts the number of inbound links pointing to your webpage as it calculates your site’s ‘value’ … thus rank. From now on, every time you add a comment on BeautyPRPro, two links point to your own page/blog.
    • The new link is your post title, which says much more about your site than just your name does. The post title is far more likely to grab a reader’s eye and get them to click for a visit.
    • Readers see posts from people interested in the same blog post they were. There is a good chance some of these links will appeal to them and they will visit your blog.
    • You are much less susceptible to spam. Both links have NoFollow, so the pure-SEO spammers won’t bother to waste your time.

We’d appreciate your comments. Do you find snapshot helpful or annoying?

6 responses to “New Features for BeautyPRpro”

  1. Poza Salon says:

    I find the snapshot feature a great way to draw the reader in. I love it!

  2. thanks so much for the plugin ideas!! I also like the WP Wall it allows people to comment on your entire blog and not just one article :-)… thanks again!

  3. Becci says:

    Snapshots are a bother for me. If I want to know more I’ll click on the link. If not the Snap gets in the way of reading what I really wanted to read. On the other hand it’s new and it might just be I need to learn how to navigate it…

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  4. Becci says:

    Actually, now that I see a Snapshot to my blog…I might like it after all. 🙂

    Becci´s last blog post..Cute Hair Style Idea

  5. I had trouble with them at first too Becci. You hit it when you said ‘navigate it’. When I was aware of what was happening I could avoid hovering over a link and having it pop. The more links in a post the tougher that gets though. Sigh. Thx for the comment.

    Alexander Irving´s last blog post..New Features for BeautyPRpro

  6. ROFLOL Becci.

    Alexander Irving´s last blog post..Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW!