Do Your Salon Clients Really Open Your Email?

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Just because you write doesn’t mean you’re read …

How do you look through your incoming email pile after you’ve been away from your desk?

you know how it looks … suddenly a zillion ‘From:’, ‘To:’, ‘Subject:’, and ‘Received:’  fields stream int and the top window darkens with unread emails..

You sigh, and scan for clients, and “most urgent” .. (people or subject) – 95% + don’t fit this category.  Few deletions have happened.

OK … Urgent emails are dealt with

here’s the critical part.  Reader’s final review  —- “Gotta check it out” … or …“It’s dumb,

I always get a perverse kick out of knocking down the number of emails I do that by scanning the ‘From:’,and ‘Subject:’, fields again.

Dumb , boring, or predictable  =  Delete

Interesting, appealing, engaging … Gotta check it out?  =  Save

So the next 30 seconds sound like this:

Delete … delete … delete …. don’t delete …  don’t delete … delete … delete … don’t delete
… delete … delete … don’t delete … delete

Sound familiar?  Am I wrong?

You spend a great deal of time and effort planning a promotion or offering etc.  But, unless you made the final email review cut, they never saw your offer. I know … you have great in-salon signage? 🙂

It’s the subject line

Just like newsstand magazines, it’s the headline that grabs ‘em long enough to get them started. Better have a good first paragraph.  Here is a link to a PDF of headline suggestions for your consideration … tried and true and offered by Chris Garrett  ( and Authority Blogger.  .

Download the PDF.


2 responses to “Do Your Salon Clients Really Open Your Email?”

  1. Thanks for this great post! I am always looking for ways to improve our email campaigns. I’ve downloaded the PDF file and will refer to it the next time I am trying to figure out how to write an effective subject line.