When Were You Happy Right Down to Your Very Soul?

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Pay Day Yesterday!

Like the “Starfish story” … we know we have done something important.

We all work hard.  You, in the salon behind the chair, and we, in our BeautyPRpro and Esche & Alexander PR roles.  We do what we do … over and over.

We bring our experience and talent to the table every day for our friends and clients.  We share our information, experience, and observations to help make the world (and life) a little better for ourselves and others.

But despite all your (and our) best work, we know people are often fearful.  They stay where they are because they are afraid.  You can only hope a few are really paying attention, being affected and improved by your efforts and inspired to get past that fear of change.

You get your pay off in your chair.  We get ours in the form of comments on the blog (See comments in yesterday’s post) and when we see the results achieved by individuals and companies who have used our information and guidance. That feels good?

A Cacophony of Great Voices

Look around the professional beauty industry and you’ll see and hear a multitude of voices that have carried similar messages over the years. Our friends Vivienne Mackinder, Tony Beckerman, Ian Gavet, Dwight Miller, Martin Parsons,  [too many to list here … boy, are the others going to be upset 🙁 ] the list goes on and on … all with the same message:

  • Learn how
  • Be the best at it you can be (at this moment in time)
  • Get out and do it (despite your fears)
  • Love (and respect) yourself
  • Share your time, treasure and knowledge with others.

We’re proud to serve and love seeing these kinds of responses to our message.  Thanks Becci 🙂 See … it does happen.

What Are You Afraid Of?

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